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Multifunction Magic Broom, Silicone Sweeper Mop for Cleaning

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Multifunction Magic Broom, Silicone Sweeper Mop for Cleaning


  • This multifunction magic broom is a sweeper and scraper all rolled into one.
  • This silicon mop excels in dust removal.
  • This magic sweeper broom comes with an adjustable wiping sweeper.
  • These multifunction magic brooms have a non-slip handle which allows you to easily store it somewhere and does not require much space.
  • The extra-long handle of this multi-purpose magic broom makes it easy for you clean ceilings and other elevated surfaces without having to use a stool or other forms of support.
  • This magic broom for cleaning is available in shades of green, grey, and pink.
  • Multifunction magic broom is made with high-density PP material which allows it to be easily cleaned and can be soaked in water and detergent without you having to worry about the product getting corroded.


  • Magic sweeper broom online can be used to clean your house both as a sweeper and a mop.
  • This best multifunctional magic broom can be used to clean windows and window sills.
  • Magic sweeper broom for cleaning helps in cleaning up the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.
  • Is of great help while cleaning up garages or swimming pools.
  • Hard-to-reach areas become accessible because of the long handle of the mop and hence you do not need to use chairs or stools while cleaning those areas.

Product Details

If you are looking for a magic sweeper broom to spice up your cleaning efforts across your house, our multifunction magic broom online is here to help you out.

Apart from normal cleaning activities, this multi function magic broom is especially good at cleaning up pet fur, broken glass, and other hazardous things.

Are you worried about constantly having to clean up hair from various surfaces? Our multi function magic sweeper broom will easily help you clean dirt and hair and dry wet surfaces.

The silicone mop multifunction magic broom is made with plastic and stainless steel, the multipurpose broom is durable and tough and will not break easily or catch rust due to water exposure.

A sweeper and scraper all rolled into one; the multifunction magic broom does much more than regular cleaning. You can use the magic broom to clean pet fur, broken glass, and other hazardous things. It is made of high-density PP materials and offers effective use for many years to come.

The magic sweeper broom for cleaning is anti-rust and corrosion-free. It comes with an adjustable sweeper and a non-slip, extra-long, and multi-purpose handle.

While an adjustable sweeper goes easily under the sofa and bed, the non-slip handle makes it easier to clean ceilings, elevated surfaces, and window sills. The tough handle doesn’t break so easily or catch rust due to water exposure.

This magic broom sweeper is also helpful to use in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and garages or swimming pools. Available online for buying, Papa Living offers this multifunction magic broom online at affordable prices.

Also, this magic broom is available in three different colors, pink, grey, and green to match your cleaning essentials.

    The best Multifunction Magic Broom Silicone Sweeper Mop is available Online at the Best Price with Free Shipping today.

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