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Anti-slip and Anti-Vibration Pads for Kitchen and Bathroom

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Anti-vibration rubber pads help secure your washing machine and other devices that shake or vibrate from getting damaged, by absorbing the shock.
• The anti-slip rubber mat base feature makes these pads compatible for use with other furniture, which you often move around.
• The dual feature of the anti-slip rubber mat and anti-vibration rubber pads also help to protect your floor from getting damaged.
• They also help in reducing unwanted noise from shaking washing machines or dryers or moving furniture.
• Once installed, they also provide a more stable standing base for the device.
• These anti-slip and anti-vibration rubber pads are made with high-quality, tested materials and offer long-lasting durability and better usability.

Detailed Description:

Anti-slip and anti-vibration rubber pads offer multipurpose uses in the kitchen, bathrooms, and anywhere else in your home or office. Built with commercial-grade rubber, they possess a good shock-absorbing capacity. This is why they are often used as anti-vibration pads for washing machines.

The rubber base also makes them slip-resistant mats. Thereby, offering versatile uses with other furniture or equipment of your home or office. These anti-slip kitchen bathroom pads can be attached to almost any other furniture with legs.

Every pack contains 8 pieces, which can be used for at least 2 devices.


• Apart from washing machines and dryers, the anti-slip and anti-vibration pads are also compatible with other devices like refrigerators, heavy machinery, boxes with stands, generators, dishwashers, tables, chairs, standalone cabinets, stations, sofas, beds, and any other furniture with feet.
• Apart from shock absorbing, these anti-slip rubber mats can also be used for increasing or adjusting height, and surface leveling for devices, to ensure ventilation below the device and for moisture-proofing.
• Anti-vibration rubber pads are easy to install and do not require any extra tools. Simply lift the device, secure the anti-slip rubber pad, and put the device back on the floor.

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